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Store Policy & Terms of Service


All products made by The Golden Pavlova are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.


All Pavlovas contain, or may come into contact with dairy, nuts or other allergens.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to inform their guests of all allergy information and accordingly The Golden Pavlova will not be held liable for any allergic reaction resulting from consumption of the cake.

All products are made to be eaten on the day of delivery or pick up.


We require at least (3) three days for all orders to be fulfilled. We will however, where availability permits accept short notice.


Delivery will be carried out in a safe and appropriate manner. Once delivered to the customer and change of hands has been completed with the product in appropriate condition, it is then up to the customer to store and care for the cake as per our instructions. If anything is to happen to the cake after this exchange, we are not liable for any damages.

A delivery date and time will be agreed by both parties, and if the customer is not at location at this time and date, and we are not able to contact the customer, the product will be transported back to our premises and it will be the customer’s responsibility to collect the product.


We reserve the right to use any image of a Product made by us for publication.


The Customer is liable for any damage, accident, or mishap that may occur once the cake is released from the care of The Golden Pavlova. The Golden Pavlova is not liable for any damage that may occur thereafter.



If, for any reason your order is postponed, please ensure you notify immediately.

The new date for fulfillment will be subject to availability.


If cancellation of the order is required, the refund policy is as follows:

If cancellation is done within two (2) days of placing the order refunds will be applied immediately and are subject to credit card turnaround times.

Please note: Any non-refunded balance may be credited toward future purchases.


- Credit / Debit Cards
- Apple Pay

- Zelle

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